Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chapter Two - Divorced and Devastated

Tis the season to be jolly for most, but for me, I wish that time could just stand still and everyone would just disappear, poof be gone.  It had only been five months since Jason passed, but it still felt like it was just yesterday.  We came to find out later that there was a suction in the deep end of the pool and Lamont had got caught up in the suction and wasn't strong enough to get himself free from the grasp. I didn't even know that Lamont could swim, but I wasn't surprised. He was smart enough to do just about anything!

Lamont was the happiest little boy that I ever knew and I was priviledged to call him my brother.
He loved to play baseball and was part of a little league team.  When he would be outside in the yard playing , it sounded as though he had the whole team out there with him, plus the crowd, but it would be only Lamont, by himself acting out EVERY position, changing his voice accordingly and having a BLAST! It would catch me off guard every time he became the 'crowd'. He would cheer so loud and aggressively that I would often have to double check to make sure he was really by himself.
My brother. My dear, sweet, happy brother. Gone toooo soon. I truly miss him so. I ache for him.

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